No Band-Aid No Problem: Tips For Minor Bleeding

No Band-Aid No Problem: Tips For Minor Bleeding

Homeopathy practitioners specialize in first-aid measures including bleeding, fainting, and vomiting, among others. In case of bleeding keep in mind that it should be minor in nature with the common causes being pricks, cuts, slices, rips and punctures, all of which will not present any immediate danger from hemorrhages.

Here are a few homeopathic remedies that you can consider for minor bleeding. Just to be on the safe side, you should always consult an experienced homeopathy practitioner before using these remedies. Many of these substances can be toxic when used inappropriately.

Aconite is one of the deadliest poisons but, when it is properly prepared, it becomes an extremely beneficial substance. It can be used in the treatment of either hypertension or hypotension depending on the preparation as well as for the treatment of anxiety, restlessness and fever that accompanies minor bleeding.

Arnica Montana is used in the treatment of mechanical injuries including bruised muscles, concussions and contusions. It is also useful in stopping the minor bleeding including nosebleeds. The nosebleeds may either come from a blow to the nose (i.e., a punch to the face) or from blowing too hard during a cold.

Hamamelis Virginica, which is also known as witch hazel, can stop bleeding from wounds and cuts as well as from nosebleeds. Homeopaths usually use Arnica as a first-aid method but when it fails, witch hazel is used for better results. It acts on the coats of the veins, which causes their relaxation and, eventually, stopping the bleeding.

Ipecacuanha is mainly used for the treatment of nausea, stomach distress including flatulence, and respiratory symptoms like cough and even whooping cough. It is most useful in the treatment of active and passive bleeding especially when the blood has a bright-red color. Homeopathy practitioners also prefer it for individuals with oversensitivity to heat and cold.

Trillium is of special importance in the treatment of bleeding caused by tooth extraction. It is also used for the alleviation of symptoms caused by profuse menses lasting for at least a week every two weeks. Homeopathy practitioners also use it for menorrhagia characterized by profuse blood flow from displaced uterus. For this reason, trillium is widely considered as one of the most effective homeopathy remedies in bleeding cases.

Phosphorus is mainly used for haemorrhagic diathesis. Small wounds that profusely bleed from every mucous outlet like the nose (i.e., nosebleeds) can be stopped with the use of this essential homeopathy remedy.

If your case of minor bleeding does not seem to stop, try these alternative remedies and be surprised at their efficacy.
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