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Kenosha Families Will Have A New Healthcare Option Starting in Mid-August

Nurse Practitioner Fuad Ahmad and Dr. Nauman Siddiqi are opening Kenosha Urgicare in the plaza outside Lowe’s on Green Bay Road on Aug 13. Ahmad is a Wisconsin native who’s been working for the past six years at an urgent care clinic in Milwaukee, but wanted to start a clinic of his own.

“This clinic is for everyone, but we’re targeting families — soccer moms and dads. Maybe the kid has an ear infection, or dad has a cold and wants to get checked out on the way to work,” Ahmad said.

Urgent care is different from what’s called retail care; urgent care clinics provide a broader scope of services, including x-rays and stitches, while retail clinics often operate in drug stores and offer more limited services. Patients at Kenosha Urgicare will be able to get treatment for everything from sore throats to urinary tract infections to sprains and fractures. The clinic has four exam rooms, a lab, an x-ray machine and an operating-room style procedure room.

Urgent care clinics are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, with 8,400 currently in operation and a new one opening just about every day, according to the Urgent Care Association. The trade group said the wait times for most patients at these kinds of clinics will be less than 15 minutes; 80 percent of all visits are completely wrapped up within an hour.

That’s the kind of high-quality, speedy service Ahmad plans to provide at Kenosha Urgicare, with a goal of 45 minutes from the time a patient walks in to the time they’re walking out.

Ahmad has two little kids and Dr. Siddiqi has five, so they know how desperate parents can feel when a child is sick.

“If you’re sick, you can deal with it; you try to tough it out. But if your kid has been crying all night, has a fever, and has been throwing up — they’re your first priority.”

Ahmad said of course, there are some things his clinic won’t be able to handle.

“One of the keys to urgent care is that you have to know when a person is too sick to be treated in your facility,” he said. “If you cut an artery and you’re shooting out blood, go to an ER.”

Kenosha Urgicare will accept insurance and credit cards. The flat fee for a patient without insurance will be $90, plus $25 for more extensive services like sutures and x-rays. Some basic prescription drugs will be available on-site for $7 to $9. The prescription drugs are part of the “convenience” concept.

“If you have a sick kid or you are feeling like garbage, do you really want to go someplace else to pick up your medications?” Ahmad said.

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