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Our Philosophy: When You're Sick, You Shouldn't Have to Wait...

We opened Kenosha Urgicare in August 2011 to bridge the gap between old-fashioned family medicine and the convenience of immediate, walk-in care. Our clinic is distinguished two simple ideas: 1) prompt attention without long waiting periods; and 2) old-fashioned personal attention with caring listening and clear communication. “Urgent Care” should not mean impersonal care.

Statistics show that Urgent Care is gaining popularity as a convenient way to get prompt attention without the high costs and long waits of an emergency room. Research shows about 60% of ER visits could be handled by Urgent Care at a much lower cost. The average Urgent Care visit is $710 less expensive than an ER visit (and generally requires a smaller co-pay).

Meet Your Caring Medical Provider

Fuad Ahmad, APNP
Fuad Ahmad is a Wisconsin native who grew up in the small town of Merrill. His father was a doctor there, and when he was a child, Ahmad followed him when he made his rounds in the hospital. Ahmad was deeply impressed by his father’s personal relationship with the patients. He knew entire families by their first names — and people called him by his first name, too. His patients were not numbers or medical conditions. They were unique individuals all who dealt with their health issues differently.

Ahmad went to high school at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield and earned his bachelor’s degree in biology at UW- Milwaukee. He pursued a career in medical research with Department of Nephrology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, but longed to recreate the caring relationships his father had with patients, so he decided to enroll in the masters in nursing program at Marquette University in 2003.

While he finished his master’s, Ahmad worked as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at St. Lukes Hospital in Milwaukee, enjoying the close interaction with critically ill patients. He relished the challenge of caring for their medical, social and emotional needs, and remained there until he graduated in 2006.

In 2006, after he had attained his master’s degree, Ahmad started working at Milwaukee Urgent Care and in the ER at St. Francis Hospital. Both places are essentially walk-in medical clinics, where he treated a variety of medical conditions from the mundane like colds to more serious conditions like pneumonia.

In 2011, Ahmad opened Kenosha Urgicare.

“I have encountered all ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds in my work and have seen thousands of patients over my career,” Ahmad said. “It is sometimes difficult to imagine how personal care can be implemented in settings where many patients are treated in a short time. I have witnessed tired providers treat patients like numbers. Often, doctors and nurses are just trying to get the patient in and of the door, as opposed to providing quality, personalized care. At Kenosha Urgicare, we are on a first-name basis with patients. We often treat entire families and we are active members of the surrounding community. This is the standard of care I am used to and this is the standard of care I implement at Kenosha Urgicare.”
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