Four Foods You Need to Avoid Eating

Four Foods You Need to Avoid Eating

You may notice as you go through life that your body is not as resilient as when you were younger. It seems to even takes longer to get over illnesses and injuries. Your nutritional needs may also be a bit noticeable the older you become.

In your teens and twenties, you could eat all the junk food you wanted it seemed and not have any health issues from it. Now, that you are older it seems that if you do not get the correct nutrients each day that you feel sluggish or like you are getting ill. There are some foods that just may be the cause for feeling this way at times.

Foods to Avoid

Below you will find four foods that you should just avoid all together:

1. Fried Foods – These foods can be high in calories, full of unhealthy fats, and clog your arteries. Instead, you need to bake, broil or grill foods. You can add a bit of olive oil to your foods though during cooking though, because it is healthy oil.

2. Soda - Research has shown that both sweetened sodas are harmful to your health. They contribute to heart disease, obesity and diabetes. It is best to drink water, tea, and coffee. It is even advised that you limit your consumption of diet sodas.

3. Refined White Sugar – This type of sugar is harmful to the immune system. When the immune system does not function correctly, you are less able to fight off diseases. There are many other sweeteners such as honey, agave syrup, Truvia, and even molasses that are much healthier for your body. In addition, the more you leave off refined sugar the less you will crave it.

4. White Bread or Rice – These foods are processed in such a way that they more quickly digest the whole wheat bread or brown rice. This can cause your blood sugar to elevate quickly. It is best to eat the whole wheat bread or brown rice, which are complex carbohydrates, and digest more slowly and do not make your blood sugar spike as quickly.

Some experts are recommending that you go gluten free with your bread. Many have seen improvements in the healthy by making some or all of the changes mentioned here.

With just some minor changes in your diet, you can stay energetic and healthy. Avoid the foods listed above to live a healthier life.
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